Monday, February 13, 2012

Been a long time, but we're back in town

It's been a long time since Girlprov's been around, but this time we're not leaving without you! (I'm aware of the lack of sense, but I also love Lady Gaga).

By all that I mean this has been the first blog post since November? December? A long time.

Over winter break, we were scattered across the country and without one another. But now that school's started back up, we've turned the ignition and have been kicking ass ever since!

College Improv Tournament

Our first performance since December was at the College Improv Tournament, sponsored by the Chicago Improv Festival and (for our regional) the Kansas City Improv Company. Teams from across the region came to Kansas City to compete for the title of the best team in the Heartland Region. Teams from Nebraska, St Louis, Colorado and of course good ol Kansas came together and put on a spectacular day-long improv event. Havana and Anna represented GirlProv in a duo they called "Two Girls, One Prov". The judges liked them enough to move them on to the final round of regionals! I'm proud to say that's the second year in a row that GirlProv has been in the finals of the College Improv Tournament.

Unfortunately, the girls did not kick enough asses, but congrats to Right Left Tim from Colorado who will be rep-ah-zentin' our region in Chicago! And congrats to On the Spot and Zoiks! for some awesome comedy!

Improv Thunderdome

Last Saturday, Feb 11, GirlProv competed in Kansas City's Improv Thunderdome! If you don't know that Thunderdome is, you should. But I'll explain it to you because I don't believe in "if you don't know, you're not cool enough to find out" (because I was always on the "not cool enough" end of that).

Improv Thunderdome is a four-month-long improv tournament. Three rounds of three teams participate, culminating in a final Championship performance. The audience votes for the winning team.

Anna, Havana, Julie, Lynsey and Danielle represented GirlProv as they competed against The ABC's of Improv and the Cardinal's Jesters on Saturday (Maggie made her choice to perform in round 1 with Stitch Tactics). After fierce competition, GirlProv emerged as the fiercest kitty cats in the whole herd! That means the girls will be competing in the Championship round! That belt will go well with our skin tones, thank you very much.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the girls, thank you to everyone who came to the show just because you heard that improv is cool, and congrats to ABC's and C'sJs for two awesome sets. Come see GirlProv in April as we take on Little Bear and the winner of Round 3!

The Future

We're not sure right now what the future holds, but there's a possibility of one or more festival appearances in March. Also some other stuff is in the works! Yay!

If you just can't get enough GirlProv and can't wait for our shows, then you can see Anna, Havana and Maggie perform with Stitch Tactics every second and fourth Friday of the month at ComedyCity inside the Westport Flea Market.

And speaking of ComedyCity, you can see Anna (and maybe soon some more lovely GirlProv ladies) on stage with Major League Improv!

So don't get your panties in a bunch, we're around all over the place. We'd even be happy if you took us on a Valentine's Day date! (To Paisano's where I will eat all the breadsticks and order Paisano's Chicken and share some of my cheesecake with you, but only if you're wearing a tie). And yes, I meant all 6 of us.

Until next time!

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