Monday, November 8, 2010

College Improv Tournament


Girlprov participated in the Breadbasket Regional for the College Improv Tournament this past Saturday. It was an all day event that started at 12pm and lasted until 12am. We competed against 11 other teams and advanced to the Finals against three other troupes. Zoiks from Emporia, Obviously Unrehearsed Improv from Oklahoma (I got a business card from them...) and Left, Right Tim from Colorado. Zoiks walked away with first place! Go Kansas teams!

In general, it was such a fun experience. Everyone supported one another and everyone's improv was at the top of their games. We made such lovely connections and already there have been facebook wall to wall posts between teams. Yeah!

We were very proud of ourselves! A year ago, we didn't even think we were ever going to perform and now look at us! Finalists!

We will keep you updated on upcoming events! Also, we will get video from the tournament. That way our most devoted followers can watch them online.

Until Next Time,
Jackie (The Border Hopper)

P.S. My nickname gives the impression that I'm an illegal immigrant. Perhaps it should be changed to "the one who fulfills the stereotype that women can't drive."

Thursday, October 28, 2010

UDK Article

Hello everyone!

Brenna Long of the University Daily Kansan wrote a lovely little article about GirlProv that you can all find by following this link!

Later dudes!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 5th Show at the Granda

GirlProv would just like to thank all those who came out to the Granada last night for our performance. You all were an amazing crowd with such great suggestions. Can I just say you were so awesome at giving locations that were non-proper nouns? Mortuary...right on!

Thanks to for being such good sports and singing a fantastic rendition of Happy Birthday to Miss Maggie Cargill! She loved all the birthday support.

We hope to see you all at some of our upcoming performances. Mark your calendars now. October 15th and 16th, November 6th, and once again, back at the Granada near the end of November.

Locations to be announced for the other shows!

Stay tuned for your GirlProv lady news (about improv, not lady things if you know what I mean.)

KU News Covers GirlProv


Check out the news video coverage that the on campus news program did on GirlProv! Thanks for coming to our rehearsal. Also, we will soon be covered by the on campus radio station KJHK thanks to Becky Sullivan!

Below is the video!

Jackie (the border hopper)

Monday, October 4, 2010


Oh my word - we are divas - we are monsters.

Click here to see the public version of our facebook album!!

These are some select shots from our recent photo shoot with the lovely and talented Joshua Efron.

It was an extremely fun time, despite it being 9am!! haha.

We have over 500 images, and hopefully I will have time to post some more very soon.
We have gotten some great feedback on them - I'm glad people our taking how ridiculous we are in good humor and not just automatically assuming we are extremely anti-social freaks!

Maybe we should quit doing improv and model full time...

Oct. 5th show at the Granada!!

Check out the facebook event!!

We are all very excited for our show on Tuesday night - we are going to be showcasing a new form we having been playing around with, along with a past form.

No openers this time - so no worries about staying out too late on a school night!

Drinks - laughs - ladies.

What more could you want!?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm not going to sit here and wax poetic about the meaning of GirlProv's new publicity, but rather I am just going to share it with you all!

Thanks to the Lawrence Journal-World for the coverage! We appreciate it, and whenever you want to come out and cover a show, it's on me!

Congrats girls for kicking ass!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hey all! The following is footage of GirlProv's Kansas City debut at the Fishtank Performance Studio! Thanks to Tom Kessler, Jess Robins for providing us with wonderful performance opportunities at the Fishtank, and thanks to Holy Cow! Improv for filming us and providing us with the footage! This is also our submission for the IMPFEST, the Roving Imp Theatre's improv festival this coming October in Bonner Springs! Thanks to everybody who comes out to support us! Support us tomorrow night at the GRANADA for our solo Lawrence debut!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's your favorite thing about girl-prov?

Piano Fight.

Demy and piano.



I think we might need to find an actual pianist.... as funny as this is. haha.

Hotel Troubles.

A scene Jackie and I did during a rehearsal.



I think what was good about this scene is that we had a stronger human/emotional connection - although the exact nature of our relationship is a bit blurred you can tell that we have had problems in the past that are now complicating our current relationship. We reveal information about each other, which I think is good for pushing one another but at the same time supporting one another by giving the other person a place to go.

I thought this was a pretty good scene overall.
And we resolved it!!!! YEAAAA!


I just wanted to try and see if I could figure this thing out. However, while I'm on here - we need to e-mail a list of performance dates to Nicole because she said today that she will post on her thing she uses to updated audiences and the pitch follows her. Also, she stated again today that she is interested in guest starring. Possibly sometime in July? We should talk!

Old Lady TV Time.

A scene that Maggie and Demy did during a rehearsal.
Sorry for how much I laugh at the end - I just happen to loooooove this scene!!


Again, please comment with feedback!!


I love this scene.

It is short and has a fantastic punch line!!

Old People Watching Club.

A pretty decent scene concocted during rehearsal.

If anyone wants to post feedback on what they thought worked or didn't work, leave a comment at the end of the post!!


Personally, I like this scene!

One of the problems that I observed is that we do a lot of talking over each other, and most of the time that was combined with yelling! It really almost works - and in some places I think it is very effective cause it makes sense for our characters to be doing that but I don't think we make it deliberate enough every time it happens. If we are all shouting it needs to be a huge cacophony so that words can't be made out at all and it looks like we are just freaking out because we are idiots. In some places a couple of us are shouting and others are kind of talking so it just seems disjointed. I think if we can all pick up on characteristics like that and apply them in a scene we can avoid the confusion of whether or not it was deliberate.

Otherwise! We just need to more listen more carefully and make sure that we are giving everyone room to say their piece. It's a difficult thing to do with 5 people on stage at once, but whateva!

I thought we had developed a pretty good beginning middle and end though. A lot of times we have trouble resolving the situations we create, but I think this time we were actually able to find a resolution that made sense and happened in a reasonable amount of time.

applesauce is hysterical.


Hey everyone!

I set up a flickr account so that we can document our experience in a more organized fashion!
I'm gonna put up photos from rehearsals, shows, and just some from the time we spend together.

If anyone has links to facebook albums of us [link me], or has some secretly stashed on their computer [e-mail me].


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


There is always a day when the sun rises on the prairie and the ketchup come out to swing on the swingsets. You never know why the koolaid is flavored like catfish but it does not really bother the radiologists because a candle is always brighter on the other side. I will say this once and only once... girls are the greatest because giraffes never fight during Christmas. I love it when the cereal is soggy and the dishwasher hums quietly as I fall asleep. See you guys on the flip side of my pillow! Love you lots.