Monday, November 8, 2010

College Improv Tournament


Girlprov participated in the Breadbasket Regional for the College Improv Tournament this past Saturday. It was an all day event that started at 12pm and lasted until 12am. We competed against 11 other teams and advanced to the Finals against three other troupes. Zoiks from Emporia, Obviously Unrehearsed Improv from Oklahoma (I got a business card from them...) and Left, Right Tim from Colorado. Zoiks walked away with first place! Go Kansas teams!

In general, it was such a fun experience. Everyone supported one another and everyone's improv was at the top of their games. We made such lovely connections and already there have been facebook wall to wall posts between teams. Yeah!

We were very proud of ourselves! A year ago, we didn't even think we were ever going to perform and now look at us! Finalists!

We will keep you updated on upcoming events! Also, we will get video from the tournament. That way our most devoted followers can watch them online.

Until Next Time,
Jackie (The Border Hopper)

P.S. My nickname gives the impression that I'm an illegal immigrant. Perhaps it should be changed to "the one who fulfills the stereotype that women can't drive."

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