Saturday, March 3, 2012

TinyGroup Fest

Ladies and gentlemen,

GirlProv has been accepted into TinyGroup Fest at the The Roving Imp in Bonner Springs!


TinyGroup is a weekend of improv featuring only duos and trios. GirlProv will take Maggie, Anna and Havana to represent among the local and national acts.


The festival will be March 23 and 24 (which is a Friday and Saturday). GirlProv is scheduled for Saturday, March 24 at 7pm. YOU SHOULD BE THERE! AND STAY FOR THE 8:30 SHOW! AND GO TO THE SHOW ON FRIDAY TOO. IN FACT, JUST SPEND THE NIGHT THERE.


The only thing better than GirlProv is a pile of kittens.

(Here are kittens. Now come see GirlProv)


Also, Maggie is looking to do a project on the subject of women in comedy. She might be asking YOU some questions. Don't skimp on the flattery.